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Oct. 21, 2015

This location is where our weekly blog normally appears, but someone forgot to schedule one (yes, that “someone” is me). Well, it turns out that this is fortuitous, because it gives me a chance to tell you a little about our WLM blogging team.

We’ve got ten active bloggers for WLM—all fine folks and writers—locals who pull something poetic, humorous, thought provoking and inspiring out of their creative heads for WLM every week. Each blog is as unique as the writer; the view of the world shared in each blog can be as personal as it is profound.

If you’re not reading these entries every week, you’re missing a tasty slice of some of the best Whidbey-writing-pie.

So no, I am not joining our bloggers; this would put too great a strain on our editors. Please enjoy our actual bloggers, here they are—with links to their pages of blogs. You can bookmark these pages, look for the new blogs in our weekly FLASH and take time to read our writers’ previous blogs.

Oh, and hey, did I mention the new print magazines are here? 

Sue Taves

blogger Harry Anderson 72HARRY ANDERSON writes the Rock Bottom Line. Once upon a time, Harry made an honest living as a reporter, editor and columnist at the Los Angeles Times.  He now lives in Central Whidbey, where he spends his time gardening and ruminating on things that interest him.

siri_bloggerSIRI BARDARSON, a Northwest native, is a writer with an emotional hotline to the vibrant natural beauty of Puget Sound. When not writing in her blog, Sirithiri, about the importance of the wild blackberry, daisies and natural time, she practices her cello a lot and sings at the same time. She loves her Whidbey Island home. Learn more about Siri on her website: www.siribardarson.com.

blogger_a_belovANNE BELOV (Pigment, Perspectives, and Pandas) blogs about visual art and how it influences her view of the world. She is also the mistress of all-things-panda satire via her blog, The Panda Chronicles. When not chained to her easel or drawing table, you can find her contemplating the mysteries of life in her garden or…um…watching panda videos. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. www.yourbrainonpandas.com.

blogger_v_brownVICKY BROWN writes as The Chief Milkmaid at the Little Brown Farm, a micro dairy on the south end of Whidbey. She is a dairy farmer, cheesemaker, accountant, small business guru and farming advocate. In her spare time she writes and takes photos. Vicky puts her passions on the page, writing about food, agriculture and the tender web of community. Check out what’s growing on at the farm: www.littlebrownfarm.com.

blogger_e_christensenERIK CHRISTENSEN writes the Play That Song Again blog about writing, singing, playing and listening to all things musical. He teaches at Oak Harbor High School, writes songs and poetry, and roots for any team playing against the Yankees. Influences include Raymond Carver, Elvis Costello, strong coffee, foggy mornings, W.B. Yeats and long road trips.

blogger-stephanie-.barbe-hammerSTEPHANIE BARBÉ HAMMER (Magically Real) has published short fiction, non-fiction and poetry as well as authoring scholarly studies and creative writing books. A University of California professor emerita, she teaches at writers conferences and associations, dividing her time between Coupeville and Los Angeles. See her work at www.stephaniebarbehammer.net.

Sue the Screenwriter (photo by Kim Tinuviel)

SUZANNE KELMAN is the author of “The Rejected Writers Book Club” and her writing voice has been described as a perfect blend of Janet Evanovich and Debbie Macomber. She is a screenwriter and blogs about her experiences as Sue the Screenwriter. Some of her accolades include Best Comedy Feature Screenplay at the 2011 LA International Film Festival, a Gold Award at the 2012 CA Film Awards and a Van Gogh Award at the 2012 Amsterdam Film Festival. She can also sing Puff the Magic Dragon backwards! You can learn more about her on IMDb.

bloggerLES MCCARTHY is now the Not so New Kid on the Block with about a year of island living under her belt. She is an author and publisher, dabbles in magazine writing and ad sales, and is an Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY) bronze medalist. She joyfully tends to her geriatric fur factory, her dog business and her garden–and still gets a kick out of the local slugs. Catch her at www.pathfinderpub.com.

blogger_j_takanikos-JONI TAKANIKOS writes In Search of Truth and Beauty. She has resided on Whidbey Island for 22 years and has lived lifetimes in this beautiful environment. She currently teaches yoga at Half Moon Yoga Studio in Langley. Joni is a writer, singer and performer with a lifetime project of “dreaming a better dream” for all beings.

blogger_j_walcuttJUDITH WALCUTT is an award-winning writer, producer, and director for public radio, TV and stage. She has lived on Whidbey Island since 1988 with her husband and creative collaborator, David Ossman. Together they raised two boys, Orson and Preston, who have since flown the coop. In her blog, Minding the Sky, Judith reflects on the ordinary details of life from a gently philosophical point of view. In the summer months, she can be found gleaning fruit, making jam of a one taste/many flavors variety and writing down the ever-changing recipe.


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