Whidbey Island Awakens: Spring is Finally Here

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Whidbey Life Magazine Contributor
April 12, 2017

Regardless of this year’s record rainfalls and rare sightings of sunshine, the new life of springtime carries forth in abundance on Whidbey Island. This season’s delightful gifts inspired me to pick up my camera and share a few spring moments with you.

Light breaks through rain clouds over Saratoga Passage.

Newborn lamb discovers the wonders in Fossek’s Field

Forsythia blossoms forth.

Nature’s art opens on a rare sunny day in March.

Colorful streamers woven into robin’s nest in Freeland.

First cherry blossom celebrates the light along Third Street in Langley.

Coupeville calf explores his new world.

Herons tend their nests in Langley.

Langley beach harbors hidden treasure.

Steller’s Jay at Earth Sanctuary

Curious lambs climb a downed tree in Fossek’s Field.

Sunrise over Mt. Pilchuk on the vernal equinox. 

Susan Scott is a photographer and author who lives in Langley, Washingon. You can learn more about her here.


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