Whidbey Island Through The Viewfinder of Shaunna Baganz

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November 26, 2014

Shaunna Baganz describes her photographs as being nearly surreal. “I want to put the viewer right on that edge of imagination—bring them to a place of wondering if that scene actually exists.”

Baganz lived in Wisconsin where she worked in marketing and also did freelance photography. Her subjects were car and motorcycle racing and some wedding photography. It was when she moved to Oregon in 2008 that she was drawn more fully to nature photography. In 2011 she moved to Whidbey Island and now, she said, “I walk out my door every day feeling as if I’m on vacation.”

Photo by Shaunna Baganz

“Blue Sea Sailing” by Shaunna Baganz

One of her favorite places on the Island is Ebey’s Landing and it’s from there she’s been able to capture some beautiful sunsets. Sunset and sunrise are two subjects she is particularly fascinated with and making them unique by filling the foreground with an over-looked part of the landscape is her challenge. “I love detail and try to bring out layers of color and texture, especially in the clouds.” Baganz explained.

Photo by Shaunna Baganz

Her photographs reflect a feeling of peace and a sense of timelessness. The viewer is invited to engage fully with the scene—to become contemplative and relaxed. The photographer sees not only the colors and light of living on Whidbey Island but, with a relatively new eye to the area, she is able to hint at the magical qualities.

Photo by Shaunna Baganz

Currently Baganz is working on a long-ranging project photographing The Enchantments, a remote area southwest of Leavenworth, WA. Access to the area is extremely limited and must be obtained by permit. Hiking in and out of this wilderness area with 35 pounds of camera gear in addition to other supplies is a major accomplishment.

In addition to nature photography, Baganz is available for senior portraits and real estate photography.

Please click over to the Virtual Gallery to see more of the work of Shaunna Baganz. She can be contacted at www.whidbeyislandphotography.com.

All photos by Shaunna Baganz

Martha McCartney is a poet, photographer, mixed-media artist, persistent gardener and candle-maker.


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