WICA Presents: Chris Spencer’s 100-Word Short Story Smash Contest

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May 20, 2015

Announcing Chris Spencer’s 100-Word Short Story Smash—providing an opportunity for local writers to have their short, short stories (100 words exactly) read in public. Enter for the gratuitous amount of glory, fame and extreme monetary prizes.

Strict rules about the submissions.

1. All short stories must be 100 words exactly; not 99 or less or 101-plus. The title does not count in the 100 word total.

2. Submissions must be sent ASAP, and no later than May 20, to my e-mail: cspencer@whidbey.com so they can be printed and rehearsed prior to public reading.

3. Email submission should be sent in a .doc or .dox files.

4. Cash prizes will be awarded.

5. You may submit up to two stories.

6. We limit the total stories read to 55. We often receive more submissions than can be presented. Therefore, do not procrastinate in sending your masterpiece.

Final note; the producers reserve the right to accept or refuse any submitted story. If you are interested in a short explanation (100 words) of how to write one (because it’s not as easy as you think), request 100 word short story writing tips from my website, chriswspencer.com.

Wednesday, May 27 @ 7:30 / $12

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