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January 23, 2017

Rise and Dream a better Dream … for the earth and all her people

Support and nurture inclusion,
Stand strong in our convictions
Of equality and choice.
Lead with courage and compassion,
Loving ourselves enough to stay
Awake and fearless.

March across, through and around
Boundaries created from hate, fear, judgment and privilege,
Untying the knots that have kept us
Bound and silent for too long.

Love this powerful, beautiful and bountiful earth
more than material gain.
Meet hunger and need with the currency of
Love, Compassion and Bounty for all,
Inspired by the First Stewards of these lands
Standing strong at Standing Rock.

Joni Takanikos

Whidbey Islanders ijoining the march in Seattle (Photo by Gina Burja-Simpson)

Participants in the Langley Women’s March (Photo by David Welton)

Participants in the Langley Women’s March (Photo by David Welton)

A participant in the Langley Women’s March (Photo by David Welton)

This Sky

Where we live
Is no place to lose
Our wings
So love, love


Keeping our vision and hope along the road. (Photo by Gina Burja-Simpson)

Joni Takanikos considers herself first and foremost a poet; she is always attempting to distill the essence of Truth and Beauty through the pathways of her heart.


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  1. Thank you, Joni, for your constant reach toward truth and beauty. Love you for that.
    And you better believe, WLM, that the views expressed here do indeed reflect my own and I would venture to say ALL of your readers. I find it odd that you would post such a disclaimer. What’s that all about?

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